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Here's how it works: go2auctionsnow.com is already registered with IAA and has a marketing agreement with them to help buyers like you. So, when you register with us, we set you up as a buyer under our account. Through this process you receive a new buyer number issued by IAA that is tied to the go2auctionsnow.com account. By registering in this way, you benefit from all of the licensing and Bid Card requirements we've already obtained. All you have to do is bid!


  • Your current IAA Buyer Number will remain active and can be used as normal.
  • To register, all you need to do is:

    • Read our terms & policies and FAQ's
    • Complete the registration application - CLICK HERE...
    • Registration is $100 USD per year

    *If you are from IOWA, you will need to provide us a "blanket" sales tax exemption certificate in order to be registered. You can download the form here...

    Please fax this to: +1 800 769 6872

    Or email this to:

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