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About Us

go2auctionsnow.com is a web site dedicated to helping buyers purchase vehicles at Insurance Auto Auctions locations where they may not otherwise be eligible to bid—all with their own unique IAA buyer number. Through a marketing agreement with IAA, go2auctionsnow.com is able to:

  • Enable buyers to purchase at every IAA location, including states that have additional licensing requirements such as Bid Cards, etc.
  • Eliminate buying restrictions for all types of vehicles except EXPORT ONLY or CANADIAN TITLED units.

We are experienced buyers who have all the licenses, Bid Cards and other documents necessary to bid in all 50 states.

Our seasoned team of multi-lingual specialists can help you with every aspect of the purchase process. go2auctionsnow.com can help anyone buy anywhere!

All Buyers of Go2 units are responsible for all relevant taxes. If you are an out of Iowa purchaser, you must register the unit that you purchase and pay all taxes (State or Federal) applicable to your jurisdiction within 15 days after receiving the Title / Bill of Sale document from Go2auctionsnow.com.