• broker fee per unit
  • security deposit
  • live bidding
  • $150/$175
  • You choose!
  • IAAI $100/year
    Copart $249/year
Other Brokers
  • $299+
  • $400+

  • Varies
Quick Registeration

Just fill out your short details to get started. Then submit your complete profile details along with a scan copy of GOV. issued ID.

Choose Your Deposit

Choose your bidding limit with 100% refundable deposit. Minimum deposit required to start bidding on vehicles.

Bid On Live Auction

Get IAA account access to bid on live auctions yourself or we can bid on your behalf ‐ No client license required.

Get Your Dream Vehicle

We provide local transport assistance. Check progress through the entire shipping process and get you vehicle safely delivered to your doorstep.


Bidding on IAA & Copart Auctions just became easier with Go2AuctionsNow!

We're a family run business that is dedicated to providing you good service for all of your auction purchasing needs. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and multi-lingual. Give us a call today, and we would be happy to answer all of your questions, 5152660159

All you need to start bidding - register, complete your profile, and choose a security deposit. With Go2AuctionsNow, you can have us place bids on any vehicle you choose. You can also upgrade your membership for a small fee to participate in live auctions at IAA or Copart yourself.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

"Just started to do business recently with this broker. I have to say I am impressed with the level of professionalism and promptnes. Michelle Andrews is very nice and she goes the extra mile to get things done. Looking forward to many future business transactions."

Justin B.

"So far, So good!
I'm quite impressed with the quality of customer service at Go2. The response speed to mails/ enquiries are quite commendable... I hope Go2 will keep it up as I will use this broker, over and over again!"

Babatunde Fashiku

""Best customer service in brokers for IAA and Copart""

Amy Campbell

4.8 / 5


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you've any questions.

Can you tell me about go2auctionsnow.com?

go2auctionsnow.com is a website dedicated to helping buyers purchase vehicles at Insurance Auto Auctions and Copart locations where they may not otherwise be eligible to bid - all with their own unique buyer number.
Through a marketing agreement with the auctions, go2auctionsnow.com is able to:

  • Enable buyers to purchase in Bid Card states
  • Eliminate buying restrictions for all types of vehicles

We have all the licenses, Bid Cards, and other documents necessary to bid in all 50 states.

How do I register?

Its easy, any individual or entity wishing to gain membership to go2auctionsnow.com, must do the following.

  • Complete membership registration form
  • Pay applicable security deposits (see registration fees)
  • Registration is FREE if you would rather us bid on your behalf or $100/$249 USD per year - depending on the auction that you would like direct access to. These fees are to be paid to Go2auctionsnow, and we pay the auctions upon creating your new buyer account.
  • Agree to abide by go2auctionsnow.com's and the respective auction's policies & terms of use that you wish to buy from.

If you have read our terms & conditions and are ready to register, now, simply Click Here to complete the new member registration application. If you haven't read our terms & conditions and/or aren't ready to register now, you can click on the Registration link on the main page later.

Once you have completed and submitted the proper documents. An email will be sent to the address on the registration form asking you to verify the information and confirm your e-mail address. Within 24 hours you will be informed by email of your successful membership registration.

What fees or security deposits must be paid in order to register for membership?

  • Registration is $100 USD per year for IAAI registrations and $249 USD per calendar year for Copart that provide direct bidding access to the iaai.com and copart.com website.
  • A security deposit is needed before we can apply to IAA or /and Copart for your new buyer #:

    ***Deposit will need to stay on your account in order to keep it active.

    • For a bidding limit of up to $1,000 US, the security deposit requirement is $300 US ‐ Only ONE unit at a time
    • For a bid limit of $1,001 US to $10,000 US, the security deposit is $1,000 US ‐ ONLY 2 units at a time
    • For a bid limit of $10,001 US to $20,000 US, the security deposit is $2,000 US - ONLY 2 units at a time
    • For a bid limit of $20,001 US to $50,000 US, the security deposit is 10% - $1000 per unit that you want to bid on
    • Any bids that will be above $50,000 US, the security deposit is 15% - $1000 per unit that you want to bid on

    Note: go2auctionsnow.com reserves the right to amend the security deposit amount and conditions without notice.

    *In the event you (the winning bidder) fail to meet any of go2auctionsnow payment terms at any time, the amount of the deposit will be forfeited.

  • Security Deposit Refunds

    If you cancel your membership or it is terminated, the full amount of the security deposit in USD funds will be refunded to you, provided there are no outstanding balances.*. go2auctionsnow.com reserves the right to choose the method of the refund (e.g. cashier's check, wire transfer, & etc)

    *Outstanding balances must be paid in full before any refund will be issued.

  • A $15 US transaction fee will be charged for refunding the security deposit.

What does it cost me to buy a vehicle at IAA using go2auctionsnow.com brokerage service?

  • The Go2 broker fee is $150 US if you bid yourself and win or $175 US if we bid on your behalf and win.
  • Any Boat, 4-wheeler, trailer or Recreational unit that needs to be registered with the IOWA DNR before we are able to reassign it to you.
  • Title fees may vary depending on purchasing State laws and/or IA State laws.
  • As an additional buyer with own login, client responsible for knowing and complying with all State laws in regards to the purchasing/selling vehicles from that specific State.
  • if a unit is sold on behalf of the client by Go2auctionsnow.com, the selling broker fee is $175 US.

As a winning bidder, you pay the following:

See a go2auctionsnow.com representative for more information and/or examples on any of these fees.

  • IAA's Sale Price for each vehicle you are the winning bidder on.
    • IAA's Auction Buyer fee - charged for each vehicle purchased. Fees vary based on the sale price.
    • IAA's Online Bidding fee, which will be added for each vehicle purchased via IAA's internet bidding system, see a go2auctions representative for more information.
  • Other IAA fees (e.g. pullout fee) may also apply for each purchase. Fees may vary by facility. It is the sole responsibility of the member to verify fees charged by any IAA facility prior to incurring such charges.
  • go2auctionsnow.com Brokerage fee - charged for each vehicle purchased:
    • if you bid yourself: $150.00 USD
    • if we bid for you: $175.00 USD
  • Any taxes required by Federal or State law for the transfer of ownership.
  • Other fees may apply when using Credit services.

    Note: All fees are subject to change without notice.

There is no Fee to access the System or to place bids as long as you are a member in good standing with go2auctionsnow.com.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept:
  • Payment on website
  • Credit Card

    The credit card processing fee is 2.75% if the payment equals over $500 US regardless of whether the payments are split or paid all at once. For any payment over $1000 US (as in $1000.01 US) we require a copy of the credit card and Proof of Charge (example: print screen showing that the funds have been taken out of your account). A secure link to send these will be provided once the charge is applied to your account.

    Maximum CC payment accepted for 1 unit is $20K. Additional documentation may be requested.

  • Pay by Phone
  • Ach payments
  • Echeck payments
  • Wire transfer
  • Zelle

Note: any and all payments will be applied to any charge owing for over 30 days before it is applied to any other units.

We DO NOT accept:
Company/personal check deposits



When will I receive the title/sale documents for the vehicle(s) I purchased?

go2auctionsnow.com will send the title/sales documents to you, once all amounts due are paid, it has been received from the auction, and once all documentation is completed by us to transfer ownership to you. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact time frame due to variables that are out of our control, such as the amount of time it may take for the auction or a State agency (if re-titling is needed) to send the title to us.

A typical time frame will be 1 to 4 weeks and in some cases longer. Again, we cannot guarantee a specified time. It is your sole responsibility to take this into account when bidding on any vehicle.

What if I have a question, but didn't see the answer in your FAQ's?

For answers to specific questions that aren't covered in our F.A.Q. please e-mail us at info@go2auctionsnow.com.


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